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  • Online lending company broke the law. FTC counts the ways.

    Apr 15, 2019 | 22:00 pm

    If you need to borrow money to consolidate credit card debt, make home or auto repairs, or pay other unexpected bills, a personal installment loan may be an option.

  • The lead-generation bait-and-switch

    Apr 12, 2019 | 18:07 pm

    You’ve probably shared your contact information online to, say, get details about a job opening. Usually, that’s fine. But sometimes you might be looking for one thing and wind up getting something else – like calls about stuff you never[…]

  • SSA imposters top IRS in consumer loss reports

    Apr 12, 2019 | 15:13 pm

    Have you gotten calls about supposed problems with your Social Security number from callers pretending they’re with the Social Security Administration (SSA)? If so, you’re not alone. Our latest Data Spotlight finds that reports about SSA imposters are surging, while[…]

  • Financial tips for 2019 graduates

    Apr 11, 2019 | 20:09 pm

    Congratulations students and parents! It won’t be long before young people across the country will put on their caps and gowns to celebrate their graduations. Many graduation speakers offer advice, some based on their own life experiences. The FTC has[…]

  • Ask a health professional before popping that pill

    Apr 10, 2019 | 15:56 pm

    When I was young, I wanted the shoes that would make me run faster and jump higher. Now, I wish my brain would run a little faster when I can't remember my account passwords. Unfortunately, some shady outfits have been[…]

  • Snack subscription service leaves bad taste

    Apr 3, 2019 | 14:46 pm

    Food delivery services can be a convenience for people with busy lives. Free trial offers and online reviews can help people decide which service they want to use. But when reviews are deliberately skewed and subscription terms are hidden, that’s[…]

  • Ads for diamond jewelry should be crystal clear

    Apr 2, 2019 | 20:50 pm

    If friends know you’re shopping for diamond jewelry, they may say, “Remember the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat.” Here are three more important letters for jewelry shoppers: F-T-C. The FTC enforces laws against false advertising and created the Jewelry[…]

  • What to do about robocalls

    Mar 29, 2019 | 17:20 pm

    Not another robocall! We’ve all felt that way. Wondering what to do about robocalls? Check out this new video:

  • Operation Donate with Honor continues

    Mar 28, 2019 | 18:13 pm

    Last year, the FTC and state charity regulators joined in Operation Donate with Honor to stop sham veterans charities from lying to donors. Today the FTC is announcing that it shut down two more operations that collected donations with false[…]

  • Donating to help police or other first responders

    Mar 28, 2019 | 17:40 pm

    Some good charities do great work to help first responders, our everyday heroes. Unfortunately, a few charities say they’ll help law enforcement officers, firefighters or their families, but do very little. They spend the vast majority of donations on fundraising,[…]


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