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  • Those (not really) IRS calls

    Mar 22, 2019 | 11:47 am

    You’ve probably gotten one of these calls: They say it’s the IRS and they’re filing a lawsuit against you for back taxes. They may threaten to arrest or deport you. What do you do? Watch this video to learn more:

  • Protect yourself against Medicare scams

    Mar 15, 2019 | 13:18 pm

    Still getting calls from people claiming to be from Medicare, asking for money or personal information? Watch this video about how you can protect yourself from Medicare scams:

  • New protections available for minors under 16

    Mar 11, 2019 | 13:10 pm

    Young people now have more protection from identity theft and fraud, thanks to a new federal law that went into effect September 21st, 2018. The new law lets parents and child welfare representatives of people under 16, as well as[…]

  • Keep tech support strangers out of your computer

    Mar 7, 2019 | 14:35 pm

    If you need tech help with your computer, where do you go? Most of us probably search online. But your online search can lead you straight to scammers who scare you into thinking your computer is in dire need of[…]

  • FTC’s Tech Support Takedown 2019

    Mar 7, 2019 | 05:00 am

    We read you loud and clear! Last year, the FTC got nearly 143,000 reports about tech support scams. We’ve been warning people about this type of scam for years. But one piece of information in the FTC’s newest Consumer Protection[…]

  • Getting calls from the SSA?

    Mar 6, 2019 | 19:51 pm

    Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were the Social Security Administration? And maybe showed the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) or a number close[…]

  • Phishing: Don’t take the bait

    Mar 6, 2019 | 16:30 pm

    Phishing is when someone uses fake emails or texts – even phone calls – to get you to share valuable personal information, like account numbers, Social Security numbers, or your login IDs and passwords. Scammers use this information to steal[…]

  • It’s National Consumer Protection Week 2019

    Mar 4, 2019 | 13:07 pm

    Welcome to National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) 2019. This marks 21 years of commemorating the important work that the FTC, state attorneys general offices and many community partner organizations do to protect consumers across the country.NCPW is a time to[…]

  • Going on vacation? Wear contacts? Looky here.

    Mar 1, 2019 | 14:17 pm

    If you’re like some of us here at the Consumer Blog, even though you make a list of things to pack when you go on vacation, you may accidentally leave something behind. Sure, you can buy shampoo, flip flops, and[…]

  • The top frauds of 2018

    Feb 28, 2019 | 18:00 pm

    Every year, millions of you tell us – and our partners – about the frauds you spotted. Last year, we heard from 3 million of you, and here’s some of what we learned from your reports:


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