We would be honored if you would stop by the truck and sign in Honor Of or In Memory Of a special woman in your life. All survivors will receive a free hug as well! The fun run will kick of the event in front of the firestation, on the 300 block of Broadway, 7/5/14 at 8:30 pm. Come on down and have fun while raising money for the battle against cancer. 






If you or a loved one are unable to attend this event due to complications from cancer Please fill out the form and grant these men the honor of showing you that they support you and your loved ones in this battle against cancer! The pink fire trucks will come Code 3 to the residents to give hugs and you and loved ones to sign their truck.



Every day science gets closer to a cure. But in the meantime families that are battling cancer are often without money to pay for their care. That is where the Pink Fire Trucks come in. They raise money for women and children battling cancer and give it to an organization that works with these families. This events proceeds will go to Special Needs Foundation of Des Moines County.


The "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" campaign is the fastest growing movement in the country! We selflessly put our women first in their battle against cancer; at the very least we wear her color to let her know we CARE! We bring Love and Hope to communities around the country in the form of Pink Fire Trucks and ask all of you to join forces in celebrating the most important people in our lives, Women!! The Guardians will drive pink fire engines, dressed in pink fire gear, to honor and support ALL women, healthy and the ones in the fight for their lives. The Guardians wear pink to honor ALL women and ask everyone else to do the same. We hope that the country will see the color PINK, not just as a benefit for breast cancer, but as a way to support ALL women in their fight against ALL cancers. If the world was in pink, it would lift her spirits; it would show the world that we are tired of the suffering due to this terrible disease. The pink fire engines are free; they bring love and hope for the women in each city. We ask organizations, like the police and fire departments, in each city to set an example by wearing Pink. We also ask the local politicians and teachers, along with citizens of each community to join the efforts. It is a show of support of the women of this country, and in doing so, will create a Pink Army, an army that supports our women as a whole and not just a charity. Cancer is the biggest bully of them all, and no one likes bullies!

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