FTC Information and Alerts

  • FTC Halts “Preferred” Mortgage Relief Scam

    Jan 19, 2018 | 13:56 pm

    Behind on your mortgage and looking for help? Check out these tips and learn how to avoid mortgage relief scams.

  • Scam spotted thanks to a clever store clerk

    Jan 18, 2018 | 17:32 pm

    You’re going about your normal day at work when, suddenly, there’s a call that looks like it’s from your electric company. That’s what the caller ID shows, and what the person on the line says. The voice on the line[…]

  • Equifax’s free credit monitoring - time is ticking …

    Jan 18, 2018 | 13:56 pm

    Considering Equifax’s offer of free credit monitoring after its breach? You need to sign up by January 31, 2018. Maybe you tried earlier but had trouble getting through. Or maybe you just put off the decision. Whatever the reason, if[…]

  • What to do if you’re the target of revenge porn

    Jan 11, 2018 | 16:51 pm

    Has an intimate image of you been shared without your OK? If so, you’re not alone. Whether a nude picture was taken without your consent, or an image you shared with someone is shared further than you’d intended, many people[…]

  • Buyer beware: Flood-damaged cars for sale

    Jan 11, 2018 | 16:07 pm

    The floodwaters from last year’s hurricanes receded months ago, but their wrath could still affect used car buyers across the nation. That’s because storm-damaged cars are sometimes cleaned up and taken out of state for sale. You might not know[…]

  • For-profit charitable callers must follow the rules

    Jan 10, 2018 | 17:39 pm

    “I’m not calling for a donation.” (But really, I am.) Have you gotten this call?

  • If your kids have electronic devices, read this

    Jan 8, 2018 | 20:44 pm

    Did you buy electronic devices for your children this holiday season? I did — I bought one for my 9 year-old — and I want to share with you what I learned about protecting my kid’s personal information online.The minute[…]

  • How scammers make you pay

    Jan 4, 2018 | 15:00 pm

    Here’s one of the top questions we get from people: Is this a scam? Whatever the “this” looks like, here’s our best answer to that question: Did someone say you can only pay by wiring money, putting money on a[…]

  • Buying or selling a “smart” home? Read this.

    Jan 3, 2018 | 17:02 pm

    Whether you are buying or selling a home, think about the technology you may be buying or selling along with it. Many homes are now “smart” — featuring internet of things (IoT) devices such as connected thermostats, light bulbs, security[…]

  • Questions on your money back from Western Union?

    Jan 2, 2018 | 16:52 pm

    Since we told you it’s time to ask for your money back from Western Union’s settlement with the FTC, we’ve gotten some questions about who can make a claim, when, and how it works. Here are some answers.


Latest News

  • Snow Removal

    Snow Removal It is unlawful for any person to throw, push, or place any ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways on the street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley.  If you are caught doing such, you will receive a notice...

  • The City has a water main break between Spring and Summer in the 500 block. Crews are onsite to make the repair... https://t.co/a4fQLzQDLE
  • Due to the construction project on Broadway, please use caution in the downtown area as larger than normal trucks... https://t.co/or8BqhaiMh
  • Due to technical difficulties with our broadcasting computer, we were unable to bring you tonight’s council... https://t.co/OfEsN6kIfJ
  • Please use the Agency Street entrances to access the businesses in the Wal Mart area.