LaVeine Sanitation
1022 N. Gear Ave.
West Burlington, IA Phone: (319) 753-0405
Website: Click Here

*Monthly fee is billed through West Burlington City Hall.





 (Based on where your garbage is collected, i.e. alley or front curb)  Year Around  May-October
 West of Leffler Street  Monday  Thursday
 East of Leffler Street  Tuesday  Friday


HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: No collection on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, 4th of July or Thanksgiving.If the holiday falls on your normal collection day, collection will take place on the next regular business day.

Garbage Collection is Regulated by City Code Chapter 106

  • COLLECTION SERVICE. The City of West Burlington contracts with LaVeine Sanitation for the collection of solid waste from single family homes and residential duplex premises only. The owners or operators of apartments of three (3) or more units, mobile home courts, commercial, industrial or institutional premises shall provide for the collection of solid waste produced upon such premises.
  • GARBAGE CANS. Containers used for garbage collection shall be leak-proof, durable and of easily cleanable construction. They shall be cleaned to prevent nuisances, pollution, or insect breeding and shall be maintained in good repair. Cans should not weigh more than 75 lbs.
  • BULKY RUBBISH. Special arrangements can be made with LaVeine Sanitation for collection of bulky rubbish that is too large or heavy to be disposed of with normal collection. Please contact LaVeine Sanitation directly to make arrangements for collection and payment of any additional fee for this type of collection.


  • PROHIBITED PRACTICES. It is unlawful ,for any person to:
    1. 1. Use containers that don't belong to you.
    2. 2. Interfere with collection by LaVeine Sanitation.
    3. 3. Burn rubbish or garbage.
    4. 4. Scavenging. Taking or collecting garbage that has been placed out for collection.




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