Securing the Internet of Things

internet of thingsThe bad guys contantly develop new ways to attack your computer.  Your security software must be up to date at all times to protect agianst the latest threats.  If you let your operating system, web browser, or security software get out of date you run the risk of malware, ransomware, or some other bad program onto your computer.  Treat your personal information like cash.  Dont just hand it out to just anyone.  Check out companies and find out who you are dealing with before you do business with that company.  Check the company out by typing the company name into your favorite search engine.

Give Personal Information Over Encrypted Websites Only.  If your are shopping or banking online be sure the site your at is using encryption.  To determine if a website is encrypted it should start with HTTPS://.  Be sure the whole site is using encryption.  Some website only use encryption on the sign on page but if any part of your session is unencrypted the entire account could be vulnerable.  This would usually be indicated by a popup within the browser session stating it is displaying unsecure information. 

Protect your passwords.  Remember these tips when establising a password.  The longer the password the tougher it is to crack.  Mix letters, numbers, and special characters.  Don't use your name, birthdate, or common words.  Keep all passwords in a secure place and out of sight.  As always back up all your files.

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